Each year I make the same confession; Winter is my least favourite season. I don’t like to be cold, I don’t walk as often as I should, eat to much, don’t socialise enough, and tend to put on a kilo or two because of these habits.

As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I am beginning to see Winter with fresh eyes. This year I feel that winter is going to be my time for good health, for nurturing myself and my family, and a time to recharge the body and mind for the rest of the year. Suddenly this icy season is starting to have a warm appeal.

To celebrate my new resolve, after my pot of tea, I raced down to the store this cold and rainy morning to buy a very large smoked ham hock, some celery, and a bag of carrots. I came home, chopped, fried, boiled and simmered and produced the first delicious ham and vege soup for the year. It felt comforting, honest and wholesome.

Friday night I made the rare variation to our family pizza-making night by meeting some friends down at the Daylesford Hotel back bar for a sneaky wine or two by the fire.  It was also warming, cosy and comfortable (and a strong candidate for the next Friday afternoon She-Tea mobile office…laptop included).

So, in preparation for Winter positivity, I have planted the cabbage, the cauliflower, the broccoli, kale and garlic. I have stocked the freezer with delicious frozen berries to make sure I keep these up throughout the colder months, booked a massage and spa (thanks Vanessa) to nurture myself and relax, and stocked my tea cupboard with every imaginable tea blend to explore and enjoy in the colder months. (Oh, and because i am not sure if this burst of positivity is going to last the full three winter months, I have also organised a family road trip to Queensland as a sanity-saver).

So, with all bases apparently covered, and with a back up plan in place, I am now going to sit back, enjoy my soup and a cup of tea, and take the afternoon off. Enjoy!