Given the importance of the taste, smell and look of tea, it is crucial for us to spend time sourcing the best we can, which has led us on this quest across the globe!

To be able to be immersed in the tea culture of the Hong Kong tea fair to the tea fields of Sri Lanka is so exciting! At last, now that the She-Tea babies are old enough to understand that we will return to them, we can launch head first into this adventure..

SHE-TEA TEA TRAVELSDestination One: Hong Kong

Our trip started well. A glass of champagne in the departure lounge kicking off what is set to be an amazing journey of discovery.  We excitedly boarded the plane and jealously eyed off the first class seats with stretch room and champagne as headed to the very glamorous back end of the plane.

Finally we were off and all was looking promising for an easy flight filled with wine, movies and laughter.

However..the skies had an alternate plan..

Besides the overwhelming air-con sucking every last millilitre of fluid from our skin and eyeballs (we could actually hear our eyelids scratching with every blink), the turbulence we frequently encountered was not taken well by at least 8 passengers surrounding us on all sides.

As the plane bounced around, there was a flurry of disgusted looking hosties throwing sick bags across the aisles like a farmer SHE-TEA Hong Kongthrowing seeds to the chooks. They would scurry down the aisles avoiding all eye contact in case anyone handed them yet another full bag.

Needless to say, the wine was not consumed nor was dinner as we tried to go into sensory deprivation and high volume relaxation music to block out the crescendo of gagging and moaning that will haunt us for weeks, perhaps years.

We couldn’t help but giggle at the situation, though we did still have our nurses hats on and gave out baby wipes and tic tacs to the poor girls near us (who had just made pretty patterns on the floor with their lunch)…

The trip came to an end at last and even though we unfortunately had to then wait for our bags for an HOUR, the taxi ride looking at the lights of Hong Kong was awesome.

SHE-TEA Harbourview, HONG KONGAs was the “Harbour View” from our rooms of a lovely concrete wall…

A hot cup of green tea and a shower and we were back into the land of happiness and excitement.

Next Stop: Chaozhou, China!