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Tea leaves are obviously a very important component of a successful tea company. We want you to try our teas and come back for more, again and again! The only way to get you back is to provide great taste with high quality and ethical processes, and this is what we do.

The majority of our tea is sourced directly from Sri Lanka, as we personally believe that Sri Lanka grows the best tea in the world. There are many tea plantations in Sri Lanka but we chose our suppliers for a number of very important reasons:

  • Their teas are organically-grown
  • They are Forest Garden Certified- Forest Garden Certification is a credible, independent, traceable and transparent system of Inspection & Certification that assures consumers of clean, safe, socially and environmentally responsible toxic-free products, whilst rewarding farmer communities with Biodiversity Development and Global Sustainability
  • They have been Fairtrade since 1998
  • All tea leaves are hand-plucked
  • Our supplier’s plantation has been deemed carbon neutral
  • The entire plantation is biodiverse, AND
  • They look after their community of workers and families- for example their workers have increased literacy, they are introduced to education and health programs, many are offered university scholarships, and the company has even built a cultural hall for worker festivals and celebrations

SLOW-TEA-LOGO-2While the vast majority of our Slow Tea blends already come directly from our organic, fair-trade suppliers in Sri Lanka, we will continue to build on this base to create a wholesale service tea provider that honours ethical growing and sourcing techniques, and encourages conscious service and consumption within the Australia.

Not only that, we’re determined to make it as easy as possible for businesses to create pots of tea that keep their tea-loving customers coming back again and again.

We believe that building our business based on these core concepts makes the decision about which tea to buy and serve a lot easier for business owners and individuals alike. What’s more, as we know our online shoppers are already very savvy with their tea choices, so we’ve made our new loose leaf SLOW TEA range available in our online store! SHOP NOW


We also believe that it is important to support local, Australian industry where possible so rather than source our canisters from China like many companies do, we have chosen to work very closely with a local Melbourne-based manufacturer who uses recycled cardboard to create our range of re-usable canisters.


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