Have you tried matching your tea and your food, just like we match wine and food?

Tea and Wine have similarities in the way they are experienced. Different mouth feels, bouquets, aromas and layers.  Just think how different a delicate white tea tastes and feels in comparison to a robust black tea?

So which tea matches which food? It’s kind of similar to wine again actually!

Light, delicate teas such as white, greens and oolongs pair nicely with seafood and poultry.  You will commonly be served green tea with jasmine in most Asian restaurants as that combination enhances the food, and doesn’t leave too much tea flavour behind, more cleanses the palate.

Abundance by The Slow Tea Company

Another tea that goes well with fish in particular is Lemongrass and Ginger. We have a gorgeous one called Abundance- which is exactly how we drink it! 

ABUNDANCE (More info)

With darker/red meats we can get a bit bolder with the tea and go for some of the black teas like Assam, Daylesford Breakfast Tea or Pu-Erh which is great for digestion too.

Daylesford Breakfast Tea By The Slow Tea Company

Match desert with a lovely rooibos, which has a nice caramel taste and has no caffeine.

You can have these hot, or even chilled and served over ice, perhaps with a few mint leaves for extra

For winding up after enjoying all of that food and tea, try some ‘Last Drinks’ which is a lovely mind and tummy calming Chamomile and Mint or really bliss out and get ready for sleep with a little Zen.

Organic Chamomile & Mint