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Green Tea & Gut Hea...

May 18, 2015 Written by Jodie

Today we’re going to look at green tea and its effect on our gut health. Why is gut health important? The health of your gut determines what nutrients are absorbed and what toxins, allergens and microbes are kept out, and therefore it is directly linked to your overall health. Poor gut health is linked to conditions such […]

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Category: Tea Education, Tea Facts
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Tea & Food Pairing

Feb 19, 2015 Written by Jodie

Have you tried matching your tea and your food, just like we match wine and food? Tea and Wine have similarities in the way they are experienced. Different mouth feels, bouquets, aromas and layers.  Just think how different a delicate white tea tastes and feels in comparison to a robust black tea? So which tea […]

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Category: Product News, Tea Education
Tag: food, food pairing, tea, tea and food, tea and food pairing

7 Interesting Facts Abou...

Aug 31, 2014 Written by Jodie

Welcome to “7 Interesting Facts About Tea That You May Not Know”. Almost everyone knows something about tea, but before we launch into our “Tea Travels” blog series about specific tea types, regions and brewing methods, we wanted to spark your interest a little bit with these quick facts about tea. Interesting Facts About Tea […]

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Category: She-Tea, Tea Education, Tea Facts, Tea Tour, TEA TRAVELS
Tag: 7 Tea Facts, Black Tea, english breakfast, green tea, organic tea, tea, Tea Facts, Tea Information, teas, White Tea

Tea Travels: Hong Kong, ...

Aug 28, 2013 Written by Jodie

Here’s a little snippet of our recent Tea Travels to Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka. We’re working on a number of video blogs on our adventures but we felt this was an entertaining introduction. Our mission for this trip was to immerse ourselves in the world of tea for 10 straight days, visiting China, […]

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Category: She-Tea, Tea Education, Tea Facts, Tea Tour, TEA TRAVELS, Travel
Tag: China, Hong Kong International Tea Fair, she-tea, Sri Lanka, tea, Tea Travels

The Pursuit of a Great C...

Aug 14, 2013 Written by Jodie

Given the importance of the taste, smell and look of tea, it is crucial for us to spend time sourcing the best we can, which has led us on this quest across the globe! To be able to be immersed in the tea culture of the Hong Kong tea fair to the tea fields of […]

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Category: She-Tea, Tea Tour, TEA TRAVELS, Travel
Tag: China, Hong Kong, tea, Tea Organic, Tea Travels, Travel

SHE-TEA: Have Tea, Will ...

Aug 07, 2013 Written by Kathrin

Did you know that this pic of Vanessa (left) and myself was taken around 5 years ago, when we had just started She-Tea? We were working as medical device sales reps and planning our great escape. Determined to create something really special, we decided to build a business around the things that inspired us on […]

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Category: She-Tea, Tea Tour, Travel
Tag: everyday tea, fergusson-batte, Hong Kong International Tea Fair, organic tea, she-tea, she-tea.tea, tea, tea gifts, Tea Travel, teas
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