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The Slow Tea Company


Slow-Tea-DaylesfordBased in the SLOW little town of Daylesford, Victoria, we encourage all people to take a little break each day and enjoy a really great cup of tea.

That’s why we’ve created “The Slow Tea Company” to service the bulk needs of our cafes, restaurants, hotels and spas, as well as our customised projects. We want our cafe and restaurant friends to put as much energy and love into each pot of tea as is put into each latte or espresso.

While the vast majority of our Slow Tea blends already come directly from our organic, fair-trade suppliers in Sri Lanka, The Slow Tea Company will build on this to create a wholesale service tea provider that honours slow tea principles, and encourages conscious service and consumption within the Australia.

Every time a restaurant, cafe, spa, hotel or individual buys and serves a Slow Tea Co. tea, they know that the tea leaves have been grown organically, that the workers are paid and treated fairly, that the growers of their tea respect biodiversity, and that the tea is of high quality and of course, tastes delicious!

We believe that building a business based on these principles makes the decision about which tea to buy and serve a lot easier for business owners and individuals alike.

If you’re a tea addict like we are, you can now buy a catering sized loose leaf bag of 500g of any in our range!

To contact us to discuss Slow Tea Company blends, to place an order, or to discuss your individual business needs, please email via the contact page or call Jodie on 0409 039263.