Did you know that this pic of Vanessa (left) and myself was taken around 5 years ago, when we had just started She-Tea?

SHE-TEA GirlsWe were working as medical device sales reps and planning our great escape. Determined to create something really special, we decided to build a business around the things that inspired us on a daily basis.

We went away and wrote a list each of all of the things we loved, that inspired us, and that made us feel good. When we got back together to compare lists and find the common themes, we found the 5 key elements that She-Tea is built upon:

family, female friendships, art, tea and humour.

We wanted to include all of our key elements so created a range of teas designed to nurture, support and inspire women every day, with original artwork on the canisters, beautiful tea blends for different occasions, with amusing stories on the back, and a female focus that we hope provides comfort, acceptance and a little giggle with each pot.

We chose tea as it has been the constant companion for both of us throughout most of our lives. It has tied us to an incredible history,She-Tea Babies created precious moments and conversations with grandparents, supported us through life’s most difficult times, and nurtured our health when we were pre-occupied with other things. Simply, we absolutely adore tea.

Since this photo was taken, we’ve had three kids between us (Jasper (me), Addison and Holly (Ness), we’ve left our corporate sales jobs, and
completely thrown ourselves into the beautiful world of tea!

Now, finally, we are off on our first real tea tour and we can’t wait! We believe that we’re going to learn more about tea in the 10 days we’re away than we have in our entire lives, and we want to share this with you!

So over the next few weeks, we’ll be upping our blogging action to share our visit to the Hong Kong International Tea Fair, our time in China (Guandong Province) visiting an amazing tea factory that is creating a fantastic all-natural tea product for good health and hydration, and our trip to Sri Lanka where we’ll be staying in the tea plantations and learning about the organic tea production and processing, experiencing guided tea tastings, visiting the biggest tea auctions in the world and much more.

So stay tuned as we pack our bags and get ready to fly!