If you are looking for the perfect promotional gift for your customers this Christmas then we need to talk! Here are 8 reasons why customised tea is the perfect promotional gift for any large business:

Promotional Gifts: Customised Tea Canisters

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason One: Tea is one of the world’s most popular drinks, second only to water!

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Two: As opposed to wine, tea crosses all cultural boundaries seamlessly and is appropriate for customers no matter their gender, age, or beliefs.

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Three: Customised tea canisters can be created to suit any business need and convey any chosen message to promote a business in lasting style.

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Four: Tea exudes positivity and health. When you give someone the gift of tea, you are also giving them the opportunity to stop, relax and enjoy the moment, time and again.

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Five: Delicious tea in attractive, reusable canisters are welcomed into the homes and kitchens of  clients and stay there for a long time while the tea is enjoyed. This allows your brand and your message to be seen for an extended time, in a positive way.

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Six: Reusable canisters also allow the opportunity of a post-Christmas follow up while providing a refill of tea to welcome a positive business relationship in the new year. It’s a great call back and always appreciated!

QASMTea 2Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Seven: Our minimum order for customised tea canisters is just 200 units!

Perfect Promotional Gift Reason Eight: Prices start from under $10 per canister, depending on volume and tea blend choice.

Little Tea Pack with ceramic travel cup!

Little Tea Pack with ceramic travel cup!

So if you’re looking for an ethical, healthy corporate gift for your clients this year, make sure you call Jodie on 0409 039263 to discuss your individual needs. Be quick if you’re looking for a Christmas gift as turn around time is 4-6 weeks.

Alternatively, if you’d like to give tea as a gift this year, but don’t want to make it under your brand, then you can always order a selection through us! Contact Us Here

If you’d like to read more about our customised tea services, please visit us HERE.