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SHE-TEA: Have Tea, Will ...

Aug 07, 2013 Written by Kathrin

Did you know that this pic of Vanessa (left) and myself was taken around 5 years ago, when we had just started She-Tea? We were working as medical device sales reps and planning our great escape. Determined to create something really special, we decided to build a business around the things that inspired us on […]

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Autumn Walks: Lake Dayle...

Apr 12, 2013 Written by Kathrin

This time of the year is the most beautiful time in Daylesford, where the weather is still warm, the leaves are turning beautiful colours, and the delicious winter veges are being planted. In keeping with my promise to myself to stop and look around a little more often, I decided to do something a little […]

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Category: Daylesford
Tag: autumn, daylesford, jodie fergusson-batte, organic tea, she-tea, she-tea.tea, tea gifts

Autumn’s Promise: ...

Apr 04, 2013 Written by Kathrin

I absolutely LOVE Autumn in Daylesford as it’s a time when our town really turns on the charm. It’s a time when many people start to indulge in a few extra pots of tea throughout the day, looking for a warming brew as the temp starts to cool. It’s also a time where i tend […]

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Tag: artwork, autumn, Autumn in Daylesford, daylesford, english breakfast, everyday tea, fergusson-batte, jodie fergusson-batte, organic tea, she-tea

Iced Tea With A Twist

Mar 19, 2013 Written by Kathrin

Here’s a little twist on an iced tea blend that you might like! Friday 15th March was the day of The World’s Regional Longest Lunch where over 120 guests sat at a single long table in Hepburn Springs and enjoyed the best food, wine, weather and tea that Daylesford has to offer. We were asked […]

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Category: Daylesford, Product News
Tag: art, autumn, daylesford, everyday tea, hepburn springs, iced tea, jodie fergusson-batte, organic tea, she-tea, she-tea.tea, tea, tea gifts, teas

Here Here for Customised...

Feb 09, 2013 Written by Kathrin

Did you know that She-Tea is the only tea company in Australia to specialise in customised tea canisters for hotels, spas, businesses, conferences, promotions and special events? If you’re looking for a healthy, positive way to reach our to your customers then and promote your brand then give us a call so we can tell […]

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Category: Customised Tea Canisters
Tag: artwork, corporate gifts, customised, customised organic tea bags, customised promotional products, customised she-tea, customised tea, customised tea canisters, daylesford, english breakfast, organic tea, referral fee

Our She-Tea Vision

Jan 24, 2013 Written by Kathrin

We all know how important it is to have a clear vision if you want a successful business. Well, this month we’ve spent a lot of time tweaking ours to make absolutely sure we are saying exactly what we stand for, and exactly what we care about.     So when we sat down together […]

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Category: Product News, Women of She-Tea
Tag: 2013, art, artwork, daylesford, english breakfast, everyday tea, gifts for women, jodie fergusson-batte, lemongrass, oil painting, organic tea, she-tea, she-tea.tea, tea, tea gifts, tea. daylesford, valentines day, vision
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